Water, Water, everywhere (Moai Island Map Dev Blog)

11 02 2010

So my TF2 map is again coming along slowly. I’ve started texturing the terrain and doing the best I can with displacement seams and what have you, but more importantly, I spent most of the day trying to figure out why my water wasn’t rendering, only for the problem to solve itself randomly. I think I’ll take the victory seeing as how I was doing everything I was supposed to in the first place.

A look at the (seemingly) infinite ocean

Here’s also a view of one of the entryways to the control point with some of the alpha painting to make it look like a well-worn path. I actually changed the texture I was using so now it’ll be a more defined form of grass and it won’t look as disconcerting. I’ve decided making the island look somewhere in between tropical and desert is perfectly acceptable, and the “Egypt” textures lend itself well to that.

Weirdest looking grass ever

I still have a lot to do though, namely finishing up what the spawn buildings will look like, adding environmental objects (including the moai statues I’ve been designing) figuring out how to deal with boundaries underwater, and of course applying the KOTH game logic.