Away to the New Year

1 01 2010

Well 2009 is over. I can say, honestly, that I did not accomplish everything I wanted to. Graduating from WPI was pretty damn awesome in the grand scheme of things though. I finally know now the reason I went on a hiatus from my TF2 map dev, particularly that I actually didn’t like the direction it was heading in. I’ve decided it needs to be more above ground and less underground. Probably still going to make custom Moai things for it though. So that’s one of my many resolutions that I have for 2010.

In other news I recently purchased GTA IV for the PC. Now those that know me well know I was a bit unkind to GTA IV in retrospect, but to be honest it was a pretty good game, just not…GTA enough. But the reason I got the PC version was for its video editor, which essentially allows people to create and share machinima videos easily, since the video editor is a powerful editing suite in its own right that lets you focus cameras where you want, even on people not directly in the “action” so to speak. Here’s an example of something I whipped up.

Now of course the other problem with GTA IV on the PC is that it’s notoriously unstable. I figured a year after its release would’ve been plenty of time to iron out bugs but this has not been the case. There seems to be a problem with my game wherin it freezes up the entire computer after i use the video editor and go back to the regular game. Which is a shame really…because the video editor is a lot of fun. Despite these problems I’m still really enjoying playing it again.




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