A Real Donnybrook of Solo Game Development

10 12 2009

One of the bigger problems of being a person that does not really enjoy programming is that, even when I learn how to program it still remains a chore. Case in point, I’ve been experimenting with Flash CS4 enough to the point where I can make a vertical shooter. I also understand enough about ActionScript to the point where I think I can make an idea I’ve had in my head for the past 9 months a reality. The problem is that, as a non-programmer, the idea of doing more programming turns me off the idea entirely. Having said that though I plan to use this weekend to at least get something achieved graphically to start showing the idea in its most basic form, and then hope that maybe i’ll be more open to trying to code it. It’s not so much sophisticated as it is that I haven’t found a good enough tutorial on powerup chains/tiers (like in shooters like Gradius or Raiden) yet.




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