Just some news

1 12 2009

Just a quick update on my various goings-on I guess. I’m probably going to end up rearranging my on-site portfolio so the images are grouped by genre instead of by project, which will make viewing relevant work a lot easier. I’ve also been working on development in Flash so I can start prototyping some design ideas, as well as possibly explore publishing iPhone apps once CS5 comes out. I know I’ve said things about the iPhone in the past but sometimes you have to let personal feelings go in favor of job opportunities as well as just exploring what you can do with certain technologies. And to be honest the accelerometer gives me a few interesting ideas.

I know it doesn’t really reflect well on me to flitter about from idea to idea, but that’s what I’m seeing a doctor for (i.e. figure out what’s up with that), but that’s not really pertinent. It’s also because I have the problem of having too many ideas and wanting to get them all out at the same time.




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