For want of an adapter @BOSPostMortem

18 11 2009

First off a quick note, the reason the title is written the way it is is due to my attempt to see if I can get a direct tweet at the Boston Postmortem Twitter account. If not, well you can expect no more crazy @ symbols in my titles. If so…well then you might be in trouble.

Anyway, had a great time at Boston Postmortem tonight, found the AI developer panel really interesting even though I’m not programming-oriented. But as usual, it just isn’t a Boston Postmortem without the prerequisite “adapter crisis”. See for some reason, at every single Boston Postmortem, invariably they will need some sort of adapter to plug the computer being used for the presentation to the projector. Usually it’s a Mac VGA adapter that’s needed (furthering my belief that Apple Computers are against the natural order of things [/joke]), or some other sort of display adapter. This time around it was a DVI to VGA adapter. Anyway myself and a few other people at the table I was at (including someone from Turbine) came up with the idea that people should start bringing random adapters to these because invariably one of them is going to be needed. And it shouldn’t just be stuff we need for today’s machines, oh no. Suppose someone needs a Zip Drive or an ink ribbon for an IBM Selectric Typewriter? You can never tell at BPM after all. As for me I’m putting myself in charge of the “RCA to S-Video” adapters.





2 responses

19 11 2009
Darius K.

Yeah, we can purchase one of those “every video converter you’ll ever need” kits but they’re upwards of $100!

19 11 2009
Edmund Dubois

Well that’s why this idea would be far less expensive and possibly more amusing. Then again given how someone somehow has the adapter that’s needed that particular month maybe it’s already happened.

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