In Which I Bemoan the Loss of Skill

6 10 2009

Mechwarrior 4 still has a steady multiplayer community, unfortunately that community is full of campers and cheap pilots who’s only idea of combat is to strap as many PPCs as they can onto a mech, then hit their enemies so that the electronic interference from said PPCs makes it impossible for return fire. Yes it’s essnetially become a sniper battle with giant robots. This is not, nor will ever be, how mech combat is supposed to go. Personally I partially blame MekTek for creating new weapons that have faster recycle times, but I also blame the players themselves, who have forgotten the tactical nature of Mechwarrior and instead reduce themselves to popping up from behind hills, taking a potshot, and then hiding again. It’s like fighting a submarine if the submarine was walking and had long distance weaponry. And it is cheap.

There’s no longer any balance, and I dread how this may flow into Mechwarrior 3015.



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