Work in Progress, for real

1 10 2009

Taking a break from mapping again (yeah I know). I’ve refocused myself on 3D modeling, and am starting to get the feeling back for it. With this new-found enthusiasm I’ve been hard at work on something that’s related to a game design idea I’ve had for 4 years now. All I’m going to say about the idea is that it’s a Mech Combat game mixing elements of Mechwarrior, Armored Core, and Battlefield, with some other stuff thrown in. That’s said, here’s a preview of what I’ve spent two days slowly building.

Don't ask me where the legs are, they ran away.

Don't ask me where the legs are, they ran away.

Before anybody starts crying “weeaboo anime bullcrap”, let me explain. “Yabusame” is a Japanese word that Samurai used to describe the act of archery from a moving horse. Since mecha are often described as futuristic armored calvalry, I figured that would be an apt name. It’s obviously very incomplete, mostly because I’ve been wrestling with ways to make the joints seem functional yet also protected, but I’m getting the hang of it now. Hope to have this done by the weekend.




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