So uh…yeah

22 09 2009

So a couple days ago on my Twitter account I was talking about how something might be coming my way soon. I guess technically it still might be but it’s not certain and it’s dependent on a lot of things. Basically a family member of mine is willing to offer financial assistance should I try to make an independently developed game. In today’s job market (which may still be like this for up to a year at best), that is starting to seem like the best option. However since I do not have said team or an idea (save for one) that I feel could be developed into a worthwhile game, I’m reluctant to commit to such a plan. Also I don’t know what I can offer any prospective team members in terms of financial support, and thus again am relucatant to do much in the way of this. However the ideas alone have sort of re-ignited my drive for full-on game development instead of just modding. After a few weeks of not being able to, I’m modeling in Maya again and feeling better about my ability to do so.

In short, basically it’s barely anything new to report but I’m hoping I can start to come up with an idea and a plan.




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