Moai Caldera Dev Blog for Sept. 3

3 09 2009

No images still, mostly because I’m doing a lot of remodeling. Since I haven’t come up with a new name for the level I’m still calling it “Moai Caldera” even though it’s not a caldera anymore. It’s just going to be an island where you can go into the surrounding water but not very far. Cheap, I know, but it’s a lot easier than building it into a volcanic crater or box canyon or something else to that effect. Plus it should look better once I learn how to make 3D skyboxes and put some more items surrounding it.

I’m also still continuing to consider it an arena map for now, since it wasn’t even playable to begin with and thus worrying about game modes is secondary to making sure I build something decent. At the same time I’m also trying to force myself to not do anything but level geometry until that is done, and then worry about things like making the new overlays that I want to make.



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