Valve: 1, Idling Item Farmers: 0

2 09 2009

Valve recently finished a network-wide sweep of TF2 for any and all unlockable items that had been farmed by using an idling program. While the number of users found to have done this was smaller than I expected (about 4 to 5 percent), it nonetheless was entertaining in that many people did this to get hats, the rarest item of them all, and then Valve turned around and decided to give a hat to everyone who hadn’t used an idler. Yes that’s right, Valve rewarded complacency. Users who didn’t use idlers, myself included, recieved a bonus hat that any character class can wear, called “Cheater’s Lament”. Listed as a “Level 1 Aura of Incorruptibility”. Humorous and purely aesthetic, just like all the other hats. Personally I think it was a great move to reward people who were patient enough to let Valve work out the problems in the new random drop system (which I feel still is a double-edged sword, mind you), while at the same time making it very clear to the miscreants that they will not tolerate this again.

And I can understand those who want hats really badly, but the thing is the hats don’t do anything other than add aesthetic changes. So in the grand scheme of things it’s not a big deal. Heck I don’t even play as the spy that often as I used to and yet he’s the only class I’ve gotten a new hat for. It’s a novelty, nothing more, and certainly nothing worth losing your other hard-earned items over.

Plus, they’ve altered things so that the chances of finding a hat are increased. So there’s that to consider, which is nice.




2 responses

24 09 2009
Liak Lienad

I have a halo too. 😀 I just recently did a post on this. I’m glad Valve has done what they did. I don’t like how the cheaters are responding to us halo wearers, but I’m glad Valve did what they did.

24 09 2009

Personally I still consider the whole thing to be a bunch of impatient people complaining about hats as if not having one ruins the TF2 experience for them forever, so the mistreatment of people with halos is just more complaining about hats when one thinks about it.

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