Small Update on the Mundane

10 08 2009

Since is having a mini mapping contest for their new swamp theme pack, I decided I’d use this as a way to reignite the part of my mind devoted to level design (located just behind the part of my mind devoted to enjoying the band Rush way too much) and try my hand at building one. This works out since I’m working on something small-scale and nonfuctional, which will allow me to experiment in an almost miniature form before going back to work on Moai Caldera. Since I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do (a map with a fair amount of water leading off into an impassible dropoff), it’ll also help me learn how to use displacement maps and water, as well as a few other things like soundscapes and particles. After all, the swamp pack includes those and I figure I might as well use them if I have them. Now I am by no means expecting to win, especially since I only have about 15 days to finish and submit something and the contest is 10 days in already. This is more of an exercise to see what I can do and sort of build up some level of self-confidence in my ability to use hammer.




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