Mapmaking ADD

31 07 2009

Ok so Moai Caldera has kind of been stalled out because of my vacation and so forth, and now it looks like it might be further stalled out because I just came up with an idea for a payload map. Essentially the map takes place on a freighter carrying ballistic missiles, among other implements of war. BLU is assaulting the ship via helicopter, but the helicopter carrying the payload was shot down on the bow. The team must disembark from their other helicopters and push the payload cart all the way up the length of the vessel to the bridge, where it will detonate and render the ship inoperable. The idea being of course that BLU will be able to pilfer RED’s stash of missiles etc. from the vessel now that it’s been disabled. This would be a map that would be a bit of a challenge for the attackers, due to the number of chokepoints provided by such a vessel, as well as the final climb up the access ramps to the bridge of the freighter. But of course there would be numerous paths for the attackers to take to eliminate the defenses set up by the defending team, allowing the payload to advance forward.

I’ll probably end up starting this and then going back to Moai Caldera. I just need something to get me back into the mapmaking mood and out of this “i’m on vacation” mindset I seem to be stuck in.




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