Ideas and somesuch

26 07 2009

So I’ve been on vacation all this past week. It was ok. It gave me some time to relax which is important in between searching for jobs and working on various projects. I also came up with an idea for a business that has little to do with game design but might appeal to a gamers sense of collectivity.

Originally the idea was that it’d be a company that makes reproduction game boxes for those people who like showing off their game collections on shelves like I (and many others) do. Then I realized that would probably be expensive. So I thought, what about a website that allows users to create virtual shelf-space for their game collections? Sure it’s not as tangible but in this day and age where many people are wired to the internet it’d be a good idea, plus it would contain information about each game (release date, developer, publisher, etc.). Of course that’s about all I thought up so far, mostly because there probably isn’t much money in the idea and as much as I don’t like to put money first in an idea I am still looking for work and thus money is a bit of an issue at this point in time.

Speaking of, I’m still trying to get in touch with a couple people about possibly making a game for the Independent Games Challenge that Guildhall and Gamestop (among others) are co-sponsoring. I figure even though it’s a 2-month dev cycle that should be familiar to most veterans of WPI’s accelerated course schedule, no?




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