World of Sodacraft

26 06 2009

Say what you will about the marketing behind Halo 3, but I actually liked the Mountain Dew flavor that was put out as a tie-in. So it’s only natural that, despite my aversion to all things World of Warcraft, I was curiously drawn to the fact they made two WoW-themed soda flavors for the summer. Natrually known as “Horde Red” and “Alliance Blue”. So…I figured I’d do a taste test of sorts…

Subject 1: Horde Red
What the bottle claims it tastes like: DEW with a blast of cherry flavor.

The first couple of sips are a bit odd. There’s definetely the citrus flavor of Mountain Dew involved, but then it gives way to a taste (and aftertaste even) that suspiciously reminds me of cherry cough syrup. Undaunted I continue, and I have to say I’m just kind of left underwhelmed. It really just tastes like a badly watered-down version of Code Red (which is already pretty much on the bottom rung of my Mountain Dew preference ladder), or a badly mixed Sunkist Cherry Limeade. The cherry seems to be conflicting with the other flavors present, and it doesn’t really have any kick to it, taste-wise. It’s just…kind of there. Nothing too terrible but nothing too great either. Then again I made a joke when it was announced that it would just be Code Red, and so I guess that’s what it ended up being.

Subject 2: Alliance Blue
What the bottle claims it tastes like: DEW with a punch of wild fruit flavor

Once again I’m unable to keep myself from making a snarky reference to an already pre-existing blue version of Dew, that being Voltage. However this doesn’t taste like they yanked the sour kick out of Voltage and called it a day. While again it seems to be lacking a kick that Dew seems to carry with it, it’s not nearly as lacking as the Horde version of the drink, and there’s no cough syrupy aftertaste either. All in all it’s perfectly decent as a drink, but not something i’d rush out and buy a 12-pack of (and not just because I’m trying to cut back on this stuff)


There’s nothing special about either soda, but I suppose their all right. Alliance Blue would “win” I guess in that it tastes better and leaves no aftertaste, but I doubt it’s that big a deal. On a whim I also mixed the two drinks together. Apart from cancelling out the cherry entirely I can’t say anything more conclusive about that venture.




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