Moai Caldera not on Haitus: Dev Blog Entry #4

23 06 2009

Ok so I solved my problem with the level. Initially I just had ramps leading down into the base, which would have been difficult for someone of my experience to build a landscape around easily. So I’ve changed it up so that now each team’s quickest entry point into the structure is a “guard house” of sorts with a ramp/stariway leading through the floor down into the base itself, as can be seen after the jump

Moai Caldera, now with guardhouses

Moai Caldera, now with guardhouses

Now all I have to do is make square-shaped holes in the terrain displacement maps, more or less. In fact terrain is pretty much what I have to start working on now. I’m still trying to decide some intricacies of the interior though, like flickering lights (remember, the installation is supposed to be abandoned), and holes in the roof. I’m also considering making the guardhouses extremely run-down looking while the interior is relatively ok save for water damage.




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