Moai Caldera TF2 Map Dev Blog #3

17 06 2009

I’m starting to rethink this whole idea. Right now even though I have all the interior built (sans texturing), I’m starting to wonder about the complexity of my next part of the map, which is all the landscaping. Displacements in the Hammer editor are tricky to get right, and I’ve probably made it more difficult given the fact I plan to have holes in the roof of my level’s central room (and designed them rather unorthodoxly at that). I’m starting to consider one of three options.

1: Make one huge hole in the roof instead of the two smaller ones I have now
2: Remove the roof entirely, making it seem like the whole ceiling collapsed.
3. Don’t make holes in the roof, and instead make a roof-access hatch to the center room or another side entryway.

I know it slightly compromises my artistic vision, but I shouldn’t really be making my first map something really grandiose so that I don’t get frustrated with it.