Terrible Twos: Moai Caldera TF2 Map Dev Blog #2

31 05 2009

Day two of my forays into the creation of the “Moai Caldera” didn’t go very far, since I kept stalling out on a couple things.

Problem 1. Poster creation. TF2 has a lot of posters made in the same advertising style of the late 50s and 1960s. I decided to do a few of my own, starting off with one of the most prolific fake brands in TV history, Morley Cigarettes. Shown on such shows as The X-Files (probably most famously on there as well), Morley’s is basically a brand-x version of Marlboro. So taking an old Marlboro ad and making some changes, as well as using the TF2 color palette to make it a very “RED” geared product, I came up with this:

Rejected Slogan: "Feel Safer with a Morley"

Rejected Slogan: "Feel Safer with a Morley"

I’m not going to show the full, torn, weather-beaten version of it because I feel I need to make some changes to that and make it look a bit better. I may also end up throwing a mocked-up pack of the smokes onto the poster as well, but I haven’t decided.

Anyway after converting it to the necessary file types that the Source SDK and the Hammer map editor recognize, I ran into a stumbling block where it wouldn’t show up as anything but a blackened texture every time i ran the map. Turns out that since I didn’t have any lighting of any kind in said map, while I could see walls and such just fine, naturally overlays would not show up. So I finally fixed that and it looks ok, save for a bizarre graphical artifact on the very right of the image’s border where a white line exists and yet there isn’t one in the image itself. This is another reason i plan to re-do the iamge.

Problem 2. Skybox. I decided to make a skybox to prevent any further lighting issues, and ran into a massive problem where I couldn’t see anything at all. Essentially the problem boils down to me being a huge idiot and forgetting the brush i used for the skybox had to be hollowed out first. It’s ok now though.

So in short, I’ve learned some very important things and have remembered to not make silly mistakes like these in the future.




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