Those Daring Young Men In Their Flying Machines…

29 05 2009

The Red Baron series was really the only series of games to do WWI flight combat really well. Granted Red Baron II was a buggy mess and Red Baron 3D was largely unnoticed, but there’s still a small and strong online community dedicated to this series. However I feel that the time is right for a more modern (ha ha) WWI flight sim. Just think about it. With all the advancements in physics, you could go a long way towards making a really immersive game that makes you feel like you’re in the cockpit of one of those fighters, made up of nothing more than wood and canvas.

I’m not saying we have to go too over the edge, realism-wise, but it would be nice to see a few things, like damaged canvas realistically tearing off of the wings as bullets perforate it, the airframe creaking and splintering under the stress of g-forces as you try to put yourself into a turn that just might be too much for your craft, things like that. What I liked about the Red Baron games is that the sounds and the flight modeling gave a very tense atmosphere, the idea that maybe your plane is too damaged to fight effectively, and that maybe if you try to loop around to take another pass at your foe your wing might just shear right off and send you plummeting to the shell-cratered ground below.

Of course, there could be another element to consider. Assuming you crash-land your plane or bail out and survive, there’s always the problem of making it back to your side of the front, moving past battlegrounds and enemy patrols. In a way, one could combine a flight sim with a survival sim to add depth to the career mode, further immersing the player in the kind of dangers World War I pilots faced.

Ok so I’m starting to drift off-topic here, and admittedly don’t have much of an idea. I think the Red Baron games at least had the concept down pat, I’m just suggesting that, rather than give us yet another World War II game (as fun as Call of Duty: World at War is, mind you), someone should try to combine fighter combat with survivalist/sneaking/FPS action, and give us a deep and, more importantly, original experience.

Though we’ll definetely have to keep time compression. Flying to waypoints takes foreeeeever




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