After-market add-ons = more sales?

17 04 2009

I’m sure many people have seen the trailer for FEAR 2’s new map pack. In what surely must make some scratch their heads and others laugh, Monolith have decided to, for free, release three new multiplayer maps that basically make the players the size of a plastic army man as they wage war within kitchens, sandboxes, and even a pinball machine. Fun? Yes. But it did something else bizarre to me. See I loved the first FEAR, but due to financial reasons never managed to pick up FEAR 2. Suddenly I want to run out and buy it just for the map pack. Granted I’m a bit odd and get caught up in whimsical things like this, but all the same I wonder how many other people had the same thought.

A similar occurrence came when Criterion announced new DLC for Burnout: Paradise, wherein one of the new cars was essentially the Delorean from Back To the Future, complete with the ability to hover, BTTF 2-style. Even better, they’ve now put the game out again with all the DLC pre-included, to save time I presume. Will this actually influence customers? Who can say. After all, regular DLC downloads seem to be doing just fine without being integrated into the main software package, but at the same time it’s bound to occur. Or at least, some people think it will (see all the Fallout 3 players holding out for a GOTY edition with all the DLC included).

One would probably have to do some data extrapolations looking at sales charts to see how much DLC and addons affect game sales, especially after they’ve been on shelves for a few months.




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