Overstayed Welcome Goes Gold…then goes Gold Again

4 03 2009

The past two days have been a milestone, a setback, and then another milestone for me and my MQP group.


Yes that’s right. Overstayed Welcome finally went “Gold”. 1.0 was uploaded a couple days ago to both filefront and the Neverwinter Nights vault (big problems getting it onto the vault though but the less about that the better).

Then I found out I had accidentally left out our custom TLK file that had the spells we’d custom-made. This prompted both polite “I think you left something out” comments and snarky “hurr hurr you tried to be professional but you failed” comments from the NWN Vault’s users. Rather than get mad I simply threw the TLK file up there and made a new Master Disc: Overstayed Welcome 1.01.


So there you have it. If you have Neverwinter Nights, both expansions, and the 1.69 patch, feel free to download and give it a try. I and the rest of the group appreciate constructive criticism


NWN Vault (warning, broken up into pieces because of the file size limitations)




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