In which I talk for the first time about something almost done

17 02 2009

So for almost half a year now I’ve been working on my MQP (Major Qualifying Project) at WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) in which my group and I made a module for NWN (Neverwinter Nights) and we’re now JAD (Just About Done) and I will be RFR (Really Frakkin’ Relieved) especially since I can stop with all the GDP (Goddamn Parentheses).

Well anyway, I am glad that we are finishing up the first, and unfortunately only, round of beta testing, and are about 1 week away from releasing the module to the masses. The module’s name? Overstayed Welcome.

Overstayed Welcome is essentially not playing by the rules of most D&D based RPGs. Rather than spending hours of time talking to everyone and going to shops and sleeping in inns, you are basically running the hell away from people who want you dead over the course of about 24 hours. Yes I know it’s probably not the best way to use Neverwinter Nights but at the same time it’s interesting to try and work around the constraints of the engine itself which is designed to deliver a deep and meaningful experience through character interactions that aren’t merely limited to “use sword on man”.

That’s not to say we haven’t tried to come up with interesting ways to get from point A to point B1 or B2 (which reminds me that I still have some bugs to work out on that), and mostly this came out of the time constraints for development coupled with the suggestion of our advisor that we keep the module short (2-3 hours).

Anyway I hope to update in a week or so saying that we’ve successfully shoved the module out the door and into the vast snowdrift that is the Neverwinter Nights community, for better or for worse, as well as provide a link to where it can be downloaded.




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